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RMN Bucuresti (Magnetic resonance imaging) is a noninvasive way for your doctor to examine organs, tissues and the skeletal system. It is an excellent tool for detecting tumors, infections or injuries that cannot be detected by x-rays or CT scans. In addition, MRI can determine if blood vessels are healthy or if there are signs of disease in the brain.

During an MRI scan, you will lie on a table that slides into the opening of the scanner while a technologist watches you from another room. The investigation is painless and you can talk to the technician at any time. However, if you suffer from claustrophobia or any other fear of enclosed spaces, you can ask for sedation.

Decoding the Images: A Layman’s Guide to Understanding Your MRI in Bucharest

The MRI scanner produces strong magnetic fields that generate images on a computer. Your doctor will look at these images and send you a report about the results of your MRI scan. It can take several hours for your doctor to receive the images and interpret them.

The initial results of an MRI examination will be discussed with you by a radiologist. Depending on your symptoms, your doctor may want to repeat the MRI scan or refer you to a specialist for further evaluation. It may also be necessary to have a special type of MRI called functional MRI. This can measure how your brain works when you are talking or moving, and help to identify any damage caused by stroke or head injury.

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