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dream as a child

If you’ve wondered what it’s like to dream as a child, you’re not alone. Children’s dreams are rich with information. Claudio Colace, a researcher on children’s dreams with a background in neuroscience, draws on his own experiences with his son Marco to illustrate the validity of the ontogenetic approach to dream processes. Colace also shares valuable insight on the nature of infantile dreams and changes in the dreaming process throughout childhood.

Children’s dreams are often vivid and frightening. Many preschoolers remember their dreams frequently, and many have frightening nightmares. As children grow, their dreams become longer, more complex, and more varied in content. The intensity of their dreams also increases during adolescence, when the body undergoes drastic changes.

If you dream about saving a child in your dream, you are likely to be a virtuous person. This means that you care for others. You are trying to protect them or your own good. While you may not feel like rescuing children, you can also interpret the dream as you trying to communicate with someone about something that’s important to you.

A child in a dream is often a representation of a new beginning. It is also a representation of a child’s potential. It can help you understand yourself better as a parent and give you valuable insight about parenting. Children can represent many positive things, including peace and happiness.

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