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resin flooring

While the benefits of resin flooring are numerous, there are a few drawbacks to consider. For starters, it is prone to slips and other dangers when wet. Health and safety regulations make it a poor choice for some areas. To solve this, you can add a skid-resistant layer over the surface, which is usually optional but can be important for certain spaces. Adding a brushed concrete finish to your resin floor will improve traction and give people and vehicles enough grip. However, it can also make your flooring more susceptible to cracking and unevenness. Find out – resinflooring.org.uk/

Ease Of Maintenance And Is Cost-effective

If you need a flooring solution that won’t scratch, dent or fade, then look no further than resin. It offers durability, acoustic insulation, ease of maintenance, and is cost-effective. Resin flooring meets all of these requirements and more. In addition, it has a range of different life expectancies that can exceed the life expectancy of soft flooring options. However, resin flooring does need to be maintained properly and can cause issues for you and your customers.

The cost of installing a resin floor depends on many factors. These include the viscosity of the resin, the substrate type, and any other special application methods used. In addition, it can be more costly to add additional structural reinforcements if your substrate has a problem. Some companies may try to cut costs by skipping the primer phase, but this will ultimately lead to costly problems in the future. In addition, the resurfacing process can be a hassle, so be sure to consider this cost when choosing the materials for your resin flooring installation.

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