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drops thc gummies

From marionberry jam to drops thc gummies cheese to Voodoo Doughnuts, Oregon’s culinary offerings are as diverse as its forests and coastline. Now, edible producers are bringing their unique tastes to the state’s cannabis scene with mg gummies that offer a variety of effects, from appetite stimulation to pain relief.

Whether you’re a recreational consumer or need an on-the-go solution to manage aches and pains, there is a gummy for every occasion. From a sour lemon that feels just as zesty as it tastes to a Cherry Drop that floats softly on the clouds, these low-dose edibles are perfect for people with a busy agenda.

CBD Gummies or Drops: Exploring the Best Delivery Methods for You

THC drops are a great way to manage chronic aches and pains with a targeted dose that won’t overwhelm the body. Several brands now offer these simple and convenient edibles, including the popular Oregon-based Wyld, which offers its mg gummies in multiple flavors made with real fruit. Another local favorite is Smokies, which makes a line of mg gummies in shareable bags that comes in fun flavors like blackberry, raspberry and apple.

These gummies are infused with delta-8 THC hemp-derived ingredients for a relaxing effect. A single gummy contains 21mg of delta-8 THC. Suggested use is 1 gummy every 8 hours. Individual tolerances vary, and first-time users may experience stronger effects. These gummies are available for purchase at select dispensaries across Oregon.

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