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Rope Suppliers

Rope Suppliers manufacture ropes made from a wide variety of natural and synthetic fibers. Most are constructed of multiple strands of the fiber that are twisted or braided together to form thicker cordage. The materials used in these cordages vary based on specific uses, but they may include synthetics like nylon, polypropylene, and Kevlar, as well as natural cotton and sisal.

Some ropes are designed to handle more than one person at a time, while others are used in construction, sport, and entertainment. Some are even equipped with sensors that gather data about stress and tension in order to help prevent accidents caused by a line that is too heavy.

Bulk Up Your Crafting: How Bulk Cotton Rope Can Enhance Your DIY Projects

Ravenox manufactures a few rope products that are unique and application-specific. Twine is thinner twisted rope usually made of natural cotton or linen. It is often used in kitchens and butcher shops to tie stuffed chicken or turkey, but it also serves as a clothesline or package tying material. Ravenox can twist and dye these products in a number of colors to meet the needs of any type of store or event.

The company manufactures a full range of high performance synthetic ropes that are widely used in the marine, arborist, industrial and rigging industries. They also offer custom splicing and fabrication services. Their HMPE, PP multi-strand, and polyamide ropes are engineered to meet the demands of many different applications including mooring and towing, offshore oil and gas exploration, material handling, construction and transportation. These high-performance fibers are very light, strong, and highly abrasion resistant, making them ideal for most applications.

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