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resin flooring near me

Unlike floor tiles, carpet, vinyl or wood panels, Resin flooring near me systems are built from raw materials that carefully build on each other rather than being joined together. As the materials begin their curing process, they become one unified surface that works to meet your daily needs. This unique construction makes them much more durable than other floor options as they resist damage from dropped items, impact and liquid spills.

With our epoxy floors, you can choose from a wide range of color options, gloss levels and textures. You can even make a statement with our high-reflective epoxy coatings that brighten your spaces and give them an attractive sheen. Or, choose our textured flake systems that add a bold look to your Russellville AR garage, gym, man cave or outdoor area.

Local Luxury Underfoot: Finding High-Quality Resin Flooring Solutions in Your Area

For industrial settings, our self-leveling epoxy system creates a smooth glass-like finish that is easy to clean and hygienic as bacteria cannot harbor in grouting. We also have quartz broadcast systems that incorporate tough colored quartz granules into the resin to achieve a high-build floor for areas that require anti-slip resistance, hygiene control and impact resistance. These systems are ideal for commercial kitchens, vets and public bathrooms, electro-sensitive areas and fire, EMS and rescue stations.

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