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pinterest ad examples

Pinterest ad examples has a huge variety of different ad formats, all designed to help you achieve your marketing goals. But it can be difficult to know which ones will work best for your campaign, or how to create effective visuals that are sure to grab attention. Fortunately, there are some tried and tested best practices that will make your promoted pins stand out from the competition.

For example, it’s important to keep your ad visuals as clear and uncluttered as possible. Your audience’s home feeds move at a rapid pace, and any ad assets that don’t communicate your key product benefits quickly will be lost. That’s why this ad from MOO is so effective, with simple product imagery and punchy ad copy that clearly sets out what their products offer.

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Another smart move is to use text overlays to communicate key product benefits. This allows you to include more information than your ad copy alone, which can be a good way to get your message across when your audience doesn’t have the time or attention to read long copy. It’s also a great idea to use bold colours in your overlays, as these are more likely to be noticed by users browsing their home feeds.

Pinterest has a number of targeting options that can be used to optimize your ads for your target audiences, including retargeting (which can increase conversions and brand awareness), interest and demographic targeting. However, it’s important to avoid combining too many targeting layers in your campaigns, as this can limit the size of your audience and impact performance.

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