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vegan wedding catering

A vegan wedding catering is the perfect way to celebrate a special event without having to worry about the animal rights issue or going completely out of your budget. But the biggest challenge always comes when you’re setting up a menu for vegans that are non-vegan guests. Fortunately, there’s an amazing iced vegan wedding catering recipe that can be created for your non-vegan guests, and your guests won’t even know it’s vegan!

How to Do Make Your Vegan Wedding Catered With These Fun Vegan Menu Ideas

To create non-vegan iced vegan wedding catering for non-vegetarians, all you have to do is use vegan cream cheese instead of regular dairy. It doesn’t even take much to create a delicious vegan version of your favorite wedding foods like chocolate cake, wedding cake, or traditional wedding cake. Just a little bit of vegan vanilla ice cream and vegan chocolate pudding (make sure it has no wheat) can make your desserts taste just like what they did in the past before people started making substitutions to get healthier. This delicious dessert is actually quite easy to make, especially if you have a quick yet flavorful and tasty memory of past vegan desserts made with soy milk and tofu. For example, you can make a nice chocolate pudding recipe that tastes just like banana nut but without the added sugar.

Non-vegan guests aren’t the only ones who can enjoy this kind of dessert though. Vegan wedding guests can also be surprised to find themselves drinking wedding cake coffee – vegan cake coffee isn’t too sweet, so non-vegans will love it. If you’ve been thinking of planning a vegan wedding but haven’t gotten around to doing so, I highly recommend that you buy yourself some vegan wedding cake mix as well as a non-dairy whipped cream and fillings along with a recipe for non-vegan chocolate cake. Just mix these two up and you’ll have the perfect vegan menu for your special day.

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