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IPQS email validation is an advanced email verification service that helps businesses protect their inboxes from spam. It can detect disposable and invalid email addresses, identify abusive users, and prevent fraudulent transactions.

IPQS is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, and operates on a freemium basis. Clients can track up to 5,000 records per month for free, and can also choose from premium blacklists for additional protection. IPQS offers several modules in a variety of scaled plans.

In addition to email validation, IPQS provides device fingerprinting, proxy detection, and phone verification. Additionally, the company tracks dark web leaks and stolen identities. This information is used to prevent fraudulent transactions and increase fraud score accuracy.

IPQS also offers real-time email reputation scoring. The company’s Email Validation API is designed to provide site owners with a comprehensive set of data to reduce fraudulent activity and increase email deliverability.

IPQS is a leading provider of anti-fraud solutions. It has a global network of 650 million devices. With more than five years of historical coverage, IPQS can help to prevent duplicate accounts from registering and stealing user data.

IPQS can also detect spam trap emails, which increase a sender’s risk of being blacklisted by large ISPs. In addition, the company can detect fraudulent activity with greater accuracy than any other provider.

IPQS’s reverse email lookup can also identify leaked or stolen user data. IPQS also performs hundreds of syntax checks on email addresses. When an invalid address is detected, IPQS can also notify you.

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