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The the best solar panels  are the ones that have a high power output, solid energy efficiency ratings and a good temperature coefficient. These factors will help the panels perform well in your climate and reduce your energy costs over time. SunPower, REC and Panasonic are the top brands in this category, but their premium quality comes with a higher upfront cost.

You should also consider the warranty on the panels. Most manufacturers offer a standard 25-year warranty, but some go beyond that. For example, Aptos Solar offers a 30-year warranty on its DNA Split Cell Series panels, which is five years longer than the industry average.

There are three types of solar panels: monocrystalline, polycrystalline and thin-film. The most efficient are monocrystalline, in which many silicon fragments are melted together. Polycrystalline and thin-film panels are less expensive but not as efficient.

Shining a Light on the Best Solar Panels: How to Choose the Right Ones for Your Needs

When it comes to solar panels, the key is to choose the right one for your roof. Some things to keep in mind are the direction your roof faces and any shade barriers that may impact performance.

For those looking for value, our experts recommend Canadian Solar. Its products start at a lower cost than most national manufacturers, but they don’t sacrifice efficiency or durability. For example, the brand’s HiKu6 and All Black series solar panels have excellent power output, efficiency ratings and temperature coefficients.

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