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water soluble cbd isolate

water soluble cbd isolate is available in a wide range of products including oil-based and water-soluble forms. Many people are confused about which product is best for them. This article looks at how a water-soluble cbd isolate works, and compares it to oil-based options.

CENTR’s Absorb range is made with water-soluble cbd isolate and can be added to almost any liquid. It is a simple way to increase your daily intake of CBD in a flavorless manner. Just add a small amount to your favorite drink and enjoy.

The Science Behind Water-Soluble CBD Isolate: What You Need to Know

The main advantage of water-soluble cbd isolate is that it bypasses the first-pass metabolism in the liver. This is where most of the CBD in oil-based formulations is metabolized and excreted before getting into general circulation. This means that water-soluble cbd can be absorbed much more quickly and efficiently.

This is also why water-soluble cbd is so popular in drinks like coffee and tea, where it can help to improve the flavor and reduce the bitterness of caffeine.

You can take water soluble cbd in the same ways as you would an oil-based tincture, just under the tongue or mixed into your favourite drink. It is a great alternative for those who prefer not to use oil-based tinctures.

It can also be used in a vape pen (or similar device) for faster absorption and onset of effects. If you’re new to vaping, we recommend starting with a low dosage and gradually increasing it until you find your ideal dosage.

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