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Hotel bungalow Bali is a small bungalow right next to the airport in Jalan Raya Ubud. It is located in Jalan Raya Ubud, a residential area in the center of Bali. This is a small bungalow that has two rooms available and is next to the airport in the bungalow village. The rooms are good and the price is reasonable. Even though the area is small but still it is a good place for accommodation in Bali.

Enjoy The Sunsets At Bungalow Bali

Guest house bungalow Jardini Soekarno is another small bungalow in the Jardini village. It is a guest house in Bali but not a hotel bungalow. It has one room available and is next to the airport. It also has a swimming pool and there is a restaurant in Jardini Soekarno.

There are lots of cheap bungalow in Bali available which are available in Jardini village. These bungalows are very cheap and the rooms are very comfortable. The prices are very much affordable and suitable for people on limited budget. There are lots of cheap villa available in bungalow village which are also good and suitable for tourists on low budget. Tourist can rent any of the bungalow in Bali which suits their budget.

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