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A well-designed garage door can not only enhance the look of a home or commercial property but also increase its value. As a result, it’s important to work with reliable professionals when choosing a new garage door supplier. Whether you’re looking for a company that sells and installs wood garage doors, steel or aluminum Garage door suppliers Calgary, or even custom luxury designs, there are several options in Calgary to consider.

What are the 6 types of garage doors?

Overhead Door offers a large selection of residential and commercial garage doors in many styles, colors and sizes. They also have an interactive software tool that allows you to visualize what your new garage door will look like on your home or business. They don’t disclose in what locations they offer their services, so you’ll have to contact a representative to find out if they serve your area.

Door Surgeon is a family-owned and operated garage door parts and service store that offers a wide range of products and installation services for both commercial and residential customers. Their product line includes everything from garage door replacement springs and hinges to photo-eyes and remotes. They also offer a wide variety of repairs and maintenance items such as garage door weather stripping.

A faulty or broken garage door can be a huge hassle and inconvenience. Not only can it prevent you from getting to your car in time to make an important meeting, but it can also leave your belongings vulnerable to theft. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose a trusted professional that provides emergency garage door repair in Calgary.

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