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Samsung’s does samsung watch work with motorola  are some of the best available, but they don’t work with every phone. To use a Galaxy Watch 5, you need to have a Samsung smartphone (running Android 8.0 or later) and the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone. The app provides basic connection assistance and lets you manage things like your watch faces and apps. Samsung also offers a dedicated Health app, which can consolidate your activity data into a visually-rich dashboard. It can also measure stress levels and heart rate with the help of a special bioelectrical impedance sensor on the back of the Galaxy Watch 5.

Tech Fusion: Exploring the Interconnectivity of Samsung Watches and Motorola Devices

The latest Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 5 Pro have improved battery life compared to their predecessors, but the older $199 Samsung Watch 4 is still an excellent choice for anyone that’s cool with shorter battery life and a few less software features. You can even save some money by picking up an unlocked model that uses Wear OS instead of Tizen.

While most Android phones will work with a Galaxy Watch, Samsung does recommend you pair it with a Galaxy phone for the best experience. It’s also possible to connect a non-Samsung phone to your watch, but some features may be restricted or may not function as intended. For example, you’ll need a Samsung phone to use features like Samsung Pay and Auto Workout Tracking. You’ll also need a Samsung phone to get the most out of your watch’s heart rate monitoring, Samsung BIA body analyzer, and Advanced Sleep Coaching.

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