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Using Catering Packages is an attractive and very convenient method of advertising your catering business. Catering Packages can be used for many events including corporate catering, community events, weddings, birthday parties, stag parties, awards evenings, seasonal caterers and fundraisers. The only main difference between non-packaged events and packaged events is how pricing is handled. Packaged Events are usually sold on a per person/per day or per person/per event price with all Event supplies included in the advertised price.

The Best Way To Catering Packages For Your Wedding

When you use catering packages for a new package event, you will need to contact all of the suppliers that are included in that price so you can get the prices and services they provide. You will then have to create a new menu with those same foods as your regular menu but at a reduced price. Your catering packages can include your regular menus plus many extra options such as vegetarian meals, pasta dishes, salad options, sushi or other specialties, dessert options and many more. The price of your catering packages depends on what kind of event you are planning, what type of food you want to offer, how many people you are catering for and what you want the final cost to be. Some catering companies charge by the hour, while others charge by the plate.

In order to get a quote from your prospective catering company, it is helpful if you send them a written description of your event, including what food you are offering, the date and time and any special requirements you have. By doing this, you can help them create a quote that includes everything you need to know to get started. If you are not sure about anything, you may want to enlist the help of your wedding caterer to help you out with the details. Many catering companies will offer special discounts if you buy several months in advance of the date of your wedding.

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