Who Is Responsible For Tree Removal?

Trees add beauty and value to homes and businesses, and they provide natural habitats for wildlife. However, they are vulnerable to a host of factors that can cause them harm. While some of these are unavoidable, others can be controlled and managed. This includes removing dying or unhealthy trees and trimming or pruning them to promote growth and health. For these reasons, it’s essential to work with a tree service Rochester ny expert or arborist.

What is the average cost of tree removal in my area?

A professional can take on a wide range of tasks like planting, stump grinding, and cutting trees of all sizes. They also offer preventive care services such as fungus and insect treatment, fertilization, and aeration. They may also work in conjunction with other landscape professionals, including landscaping contractors and architects.

If you have a dying or dangerous tree services rochester ny on your property, you may be wondering who’s responsible for its removal. This depends on where it’s rooted, but it’s typically the responsibility of the property owner. However, if the tree is rooted in public right-of-way areas, parks, or cemeteries, the City of Rochester may be responsible for its maintenance.

In Rochester, local residents can turn to Tree Service for help with their tree needs. Its specialists customize the service per client need, and they are available round-the-clock for emergency work. They can also assist with land clearing and stump grinding, and are equipped with bucket trucks, a tracked lift, a truck-mounted crane, and a stump grinder. They are ISA-certified and are members of the Tree Care Industry Association.