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lit vape pens are a very concentrated form of Cannabis that can be used in a variety of different ways depending on the user’s preference. They are made by using specialized equipment to produce highly purified Cannabis with extremely high levels of THC per gram compared to regular flower. They can be used in a dab rig that flash burns them at high heats which produces an intense hit with a very quick onset of effect or they can be added to edibles for higher THC content. They can also be consumed through a vape pen which uses indirect heat to release the Cannabinoids in a much healthier way than smoking, which releases harmful carcinogens.

The Future of Extracts in the Canadian Market

Adding cannabis extracts to beverages is a great opportunity for brands who can align with consumers’ desire for natural, healthful products and provide an effective dosage with minimal impact on flavor. In particular, extracts that have specific functional benefits like focus or immune support are poised to expand their presence in beverage markets by making the transition from specialized nutraceutical products into mainstream beverages.

While the Canadian market is still figuring out how to define what constitutes a cannabis edible and an extract, some companies are focusing on factors that were identified by Health Canada as being indicative of an intention to be consumed as food in order to develop a defensible position that their products are properly characterized as such. Fraser says the result has been “hairsplitting” in how some producers are designing and tailoring their products and presenting them for sale.

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