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Frankston  Mornington Peninsulas Florist

Frankston & Mornington Peninsula is a very popular tourist destination, providing great cafes, nightlife, shops and galleries, and is the perfect place to kick start your holiday in Australia. Frankston is a suburb of Melbourne, situated on the Eastern Suburbs of the city. It is known as the ‘Marble Triangle’, as it has a unique mix of residential and commercial areas, which provide Frankston an ideal place to live. The peninsula is also home to a large collection of art galleries, art museums, cafes and restaurants. There are many quaint cafes, boutiques and friendly restaurants, serving exotic Asian, Italian, French, Spanish and Western cuisines. Get more info from this reference.

Learn How To Start An Introduction To Frankston & Mornington Peninsula

Frankston is well-known for its bakery. There are two major bakeries, offering a variety of fresh baked products and specialty cakes. One of the most popular bakers is Hazel Park Bakery, which is run by the Grange Bakery in partnership with chef Nick Volpe. Hazel Park’s award winning desserts are famed around the world.

Frankston Peninsula Shopping Centre is one of the largest shopping malls in Australia, offering everything from premium designer labels to local boutiques. Many of the stores feature a range of locally made or imported goods, including hand made chocolates, wine and coffee. There are a number of free activities and family attractions to be found at the centre, including a skateboard park, craft and flea market, a golf-themed amusement park, and indoor and outdoor family attractions, such as a bowling stadium, cinema and water park. The Peninsula Hotel is located just next door to the centre, and there are direct flights from Melbourne and Sydney.

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