How to Make a Heart Basket

heart basket

A heart basket is a fun way to give someone a present. It’s also a cute craft to do with young kids, though they need help marking and cutting, especially if you plan to use this for a Valentine’s Day party. It’s best to do the marking and cutting before the party. More info heart basket –

To make the basket, start by printing the pattern (there are different sizes to choose from) on red and white paper. Cut around the shapes and up each line to create strips. Make sure to reverse the fold lines so any printed lines don’t show on the inside of your basket.

The next step is to slit the strips into a traditional woven heart shape. The first few slits can be made by hand, but the rest should be done with scissors or a paper trimmer to avoid making the strip too small. The slits should be about the same width as the paper stripes are wide.

Love in Every Detail: Embrace the Charm of Heart Baskets for Storage and Decor

When the slitting is done, start weaving the two shapes together. When you’re finished, it should look like the illustration below. Remember that this is a little different than normal weaving – instead of going over, under, over, under – it’s more like over, around, through.

Once the weaving is done, glue the hearts together along the bottom edge. Then add a strip of paper for the handle. You can also decorate the top of the basket with more slitted strips of paper or felt for a more durable finish.

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